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Here you will find frequently asked questions about our products.

frequently asked Questions

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My fire bowl has an outwardly curved edge. Does the holder also fit?

Most of the time, the bracket also fits with a curved edge. You are welcome to send a photo of your fire bowl to Then we can judge it better.

In case of incompatibility, the set can of course be returned.

Does the fire bowl holder also fit square fire baskets?

Yes, the mount will fit anywhere as long as the wall thickness is no more than 6mm.

Does the fire bowl holder fit on a kettle grill?

Yes, the bracket fits most kettle grills. However, make sure that the edge of the kettle grill is no thicker than 8mm.

How long does the flame board made of beech wood last?

In general, if the board is well cared for and not exposed to excessive heat, the board can withstand a great many uses. Of course, we cannot guarantee this, as the wood is a natural product.
So if you do need a replacement board , you can order one in our online shop.

How long does the stainless steel flame board last?

Stainless steel is very resistant to heat. The Stainless Steel Flaming Salmon Board has an unlimited number of uses.

Do I have to pay attention to anything when grilling salmon?

The most important thing is the cooking temperature. If it is too hot, the salmon will burn or cook too quickly on the surface and remain raw on the inside. In addition, the board can char. Therefore, we recommend the following rule of thumb: "The heat is optimal when you can hold your hand in front of the salmon for about 10 seconds."

Do I have to water the board?

We recommend rubbing the board with cooking oil. This also protects the board from the effects of heat, but causes less tension that could lead to cracks.
It is important that the board has been oiled before use, otherwise it could be damaged by the heat.

How do I clean the board after use?

After use, simply scrape off the fish residue, then clean the board and metal parts in the sink with water and detergent, rinse and dry. All metal parts can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Can I order the bracket separately?

Yes, you can order the bracket separately. Visit the Accessories page to find and order all mounts.

Frequently asked Questions

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Do you also ship abroad?

Delivery is only within Germany. For worldwide shipping visit our shop on (

For more information on shipping, see the Shipping Policy.


What is your return policy?

We offer free returns within 30 days . The shipping label is sent to the customer for this purpose.

If you want to return a product, write an email to: Our staff will help you as soon as possible.

What should I do if I have received defective goods?

If you have received clearly defective goods from us, we will of course exchange them. Please send us a message with a photo of the defect beforehand so that we can help you as best we can. In the event of a defect, we will of course send you a return label free of charge.

How can I pay?

We accept the following payment methods: Paypal, credit card, Klarna, Sofortüberweisung, Google Pay and Apple Pay.